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How You Can Handle Uncertainty & Anxiety

I know right now is a time of a lot of uncertainty for so many of us. Even I thought I'd be on a baseball diamond right now still in spring training, but everything is changing. With change, a lot of times it can bring uncertainty and worry...especially when we're dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. This could be a time where it would be very easy to panic.

I want to encourage you that this is also a great time to trust in God's plan for your life.

One thing that I had the chance to share at the Passion 2020 conference in January were some thoughts on Philippians four and Paul writing from prison.

Paul talks about rejoice a lot. I don't really use the word rejoice a lot in my vocabulary, it's just not something that we as a society use that much. We don't really ever say, "Oh, let's rejoice together." But while spending time in my study bible, I came across one translation that made more sense to me. It substituted "rejoice in" for "expressing confidence in." Expressing confidence made a lot of sense to me.

While in prison and facing the possibility of being killed for his faith at any moment, Paul wrote a letter to people he loved and the church he started in Philippi. He could have written about how anxious, worried and overcome with fear that he was, but instead he chose to write about expressing his confidence in God. Paul had an unshakable trust, confidence and faith in God.

In a time of a lot of fear and panic, I want to be someone that tries to express confidence in God. I want to Express confidence in God's plan for me in my life.

Express confidence, even in the midst of a lot of fear. That's my prayer you and this nation. Hopefully that's something that I can work on every day. I want to trust in God's plan for my life and trust in God's plan for where we're at.

I want to express that confidence in God through encouraging other people, through my actions, through the words that I share and the attitude I bring to each situation.

But, it takes consistent effort to spend time in His word and through praying with Him and talking with him. It's about building that connection & relationship every day so the confidence is always there, and not just a temporary feeling or emotion. But, its a state of being, just like Paul.

We have the chance to have a relationship with the God of this universe because He chose to send His son, Jesus, so that we don't have to live disconnected. We get to live attached to the God of this universe with a personal intimate relationship. Through that relationship we can understand God's love for us. God gave His best and His all when He gave us Jesus. The Bible says, "Perfect love casts out all fear..." So, the more we understand His love for us and that we have eternity with Him, the more confidence we can express in our lives. That trust, love and confidence in God can help overcome the fear, uncertainty and anxiety of these difficult times. I'm praying for you guys, God bless you and your family.

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