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Transcending Success Into Eternal Significance

Growing your business, excelling in your occupation, or becoming a successful entrepreneur are essential goals to ignite a bigger and better future.

However, to achieve significance, we must go beyond economics and act upon our calling.

When we succeed, we get to earn more, move up, take vacations, and reap the fruits of our efforts, but when we strive for eternal significance, we become compelled to share and give back. When we succeed, we impact our individual lives, but when we are significant, we impact others. To transcend business success into eternal significance, you have to take your gifts, find a need and meet it. Achieving significance means we go beyond gaining financial comfort and we strive to serve others.

While it's essential to use your God-given talents, it is even more crucial not to end that spark when you've gained financial comfort, but instead, use those skills for the higher purpose to answer His call. 

If you're gifted in developing and managing new business, it may be your calling to be an entrepreneur, to create successful teams and companies. To make an impact and become significant, you can begin by serving others using those same God-given talents. To make an impact, give someone a job, mentor a start-up team, or volunteer on a nonprofit board, or donate to those less fortunate.

Your desire for success should never be above your faith or your family. 

We are creatures of security. We want to graduate high school so we can go to college. We want to go to college so we can get a good job. We get a good job and then we can't wait to retire as early as possible so that we can finally have free time at the end of our life. For most people, that time is too late, because as we age, we don't have the same amount of energy, health, or stamina we had when we were younger. You don't have to spend your life climbing the ladder to retirement, thinking that's the way to find fulfillment or significance. You can begin making an impact today!

To be successful, we must find a job that allows us to grow and attain our career goals while taking care of our loved ones. To achieve significance, we must find a job that will enable us to use our skills, experiences, and attributes to impact others. Everything God has given us, blessings and troubles, are to equip us in acting on the call that He has placed on our hearts. We just have to have eyes that see the needs that we are called to meet.

Ask yourself these 5 questions if you're looking to create significance along your journey of success:

  1.  What's my calling?
  2. What's my purpose?
  3. What impact am I going to leave the next 30 years? 
  4. Who am I going to be in the next 30 years? 
  5. Who am I going to honor the next 30 years?

I will leave you with a final question that might help you find your calling, have you ever been somewhere where you've seen a need, then you met that need, and felt really good about it? That might have something to do with God’s call for your life. For me, every time I've been a part of helping people with special needs, I felt like God was reinforcing to me that this is what I'm supposed to do, over and over and over again. What’s your calling?

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