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Leading Your Business & Team Through Uncertainty

I've been getting a lot of inquiries lately about business management and team leadership. One question I have received repeatedly during this quarantine period is, "How do I lead my team when everyone is anxious and worried all the time?" So, I thought it might be helpful to share this advice with everyone. Here are three things that are crucial to remember and practice during these trying times:


As leaders, we have to embrace the grind. We have to embrace the arduous tasks. We have to embrace monotonous obligations. We have to embrace the disappointments and never shy away from them. These particular circumstances we're all experiencing might mean that your priorities are changing. You might have to get up earlier or stay up later now. You might have to help with assignments that you haven't worked on in years, but as leaders, we must always be ready to join the team on the front lines. As leaders, you have to be there for the individuals, families, and organizations that are hurting. We've got to dive in there with them and encourage them to embrace the grind as well. Sure, it's going to be tough, but we must stand together, or we all fall apart. Encourage your team members by letting them know that you're going to fight for them and with them. Let them know that you're going to do everything you can on your end for the good of the majority. When you let your team know that they have a support system, they will reciprocate your dedication with their trust, loyalty, and commitment.

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What an amazing time it is to serve. It's a wonderful time to express servant leadership. I think the most exceptional definition of love is to choose the best interest of another person and act on their behalf. I really believe that is love and that is serving. Right now, the most admirable leader that you can be is to choose the best interests of your business and team, regardless if you're decisions are popular or not, or if it earns praise or not, and even if it goes unnoticed, you must choose their best interests, and you act on their behalf. During this time, one of your most significant abilities is your availability for people. If they need to talk, if they need to share, if they need to be encouraged. Whatever it is, you are available to people. Maybe choosing their best interest is just being there for them.


My last thought is that it's time to rally people to be one accord, to believe in the mission, and to come together. This is not the time to focus on each person's job but to come together as a whole. We're going to rally. We're going to unite. We're going to come together. The high tide raises all ships, and together we're going to be raised. When we're fighting for each other, when we're loving for each other, when we're there for one another, we will rise. So my challenge to you is, how can you rally people to be on one page? What goal, objective, or mission can you give your team so that you're all carrying one banner forward? How can you motivate people to fight the same fight and how can they believe in the same mission? There is power when we come together...

Do you have any advice that you'd like to share with everyone? 

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