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Jesus Is On Our Side

What we can’t understand in the midst of pain is that we serve a God who heals broken things and broken people.

God sent His son down to this earth – and I can only imagine what kind of agony it caused Him - but He did that so that later His Son could heal broken people.

I want to encourage you that even in the midst of our pain, He can heal our brokenness, He can mend us, and He can bring us together so that our situation doesn’t end with tragedy, it ends with triumph. It doesn’t end with hurting, it ends with healing. It doesn’t end with want, it ends with celebration.

When we know Jesus, all those things are true. We are triumphant!

If we were playing in a game right now, down by a huge margin – 50 to 0...but we knew – we just KNEW that at the end, we were going to have a miraculous comeback, how much confidence would we have? How excited would we be? Knowing that at some point in this game, we’re winning?

But, that’s what we get in life! Sometimes, for some people, we are down 50 to 0 in the first quarter. I know that it isn't easy…because there is so much that hurts around us.

When we know Jesus, at some point in our game, we win! At some point, we come back. At some point, Jesus, as our MVP steps up and balls out for us! In life, we can have that hope, we can have that assurance, we can have that faith. It doesn’t mean walking through our trials is easy. It doesn’t mean there isn't devastation in the midst of the trials. But, it means we can look through our devastation, we can look past it and into the hope that Jesus brings to us.

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