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Imagine A World...

I would be honored if you would take a few minutes to dream with me, to imagine what could be...

Imagine a world where it wasn't about your background. It wasn't about what family you're from. It wasn't about social economic status, but it was just about your God given worth, which I believe that everyone has. Imagine if we looked inward at who God made us to be and we saw the value in which God sees in us. Then imagine the worth we would see in ourselves when we look in the mirror. Not arrogance, but worth. We would understand that we're loved by the creator of this universe. We would understand that we're valuable to the creator of this universe. We're so valuable to Him that he gave His Son to be crucified on a cross for us. That's how valuable you are.

Now, imagine if we could look into the mirror and see just a fraction of what God sees in us and then we looked out into the world and saw that in other people. So every single person we came across, whether it's someone on the bus, in our Uber, on an airplane, in our school, or it's someone at our workplace... but we looked at them and we saw them with worth. We saw them as special, as unique.  As different, yes, but as worthy, as special, and as someone that God loves so much that His son died for. If that happened everything would change. Everything would change because we would realize how to treat people. We would realize how to treat them because we have realized how special they are and when they're that special to us, we would treat them as such.

Haiti_Tebow-5.jpgWe would love them. We would care for them. We would treat other people the way we want to be treated. We would go out of our way for them. We would see a need and we would meet it. We would hold out our hand, we would pick them up, we would cry with them, we would care for them. More importantly, we would be there for them because they're worth it.

Can you imagine a culture like that? I can and I think it would be really special. But you know what? I want to be part of a culture like that so I want to act like that. And I believe we can do that. And I believe a catalyst for doing that is Night to Shine, TTF's worldwide prom for people with special needs. Thousands of people around the world have decided to go out of our way to make the biggest, the most special night of the year for people with special needs because they're worth it and they're special.

Night to Shine 5.jpgWe want to have red carpets. We want to have award ceremonies. We want to be able to crown every honored guest as King or Queen of the prom. We want to have masses of humanity celebrating people with special needs and God's love for all of us, because that doesn't happen a lot. But on February 7th of this year, it's going to happen with over 200,000 volunteers in over 30 countries and we want you to be part of it. We want you to be part of a society and a culture where we don't look down upon people, but we see the worth in people. We want to see people the way God sees people - As unique, as special, as valuable, and as worthy. Please come be part of it. We love you and God bless.

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