Bronco & Friends

This fun story about animals with different challenges and abilities, based on Tim Tebow’s own pup, illustrates that everyone is special and important.

Our Differences Make Each of Us Special

Bronco and his friends have been invited to a special party, and each one is supposed to bring a puzzle piece. But the path to the event is paved with challenges. Bronco the dog has terrible eyesight, Ethan the bird can’t fly, Alexis the goat can’t stop sneezing, and Chelsie the rabbit worries that her big ears keep getting in the way!

  • Will the friends miss the party?
  • Or do they have exactly what they need to find their way together?

Inspired by Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow’s own real-life pup, this sweet story draws children into the puzzling adventure of Bronco and his pals. As they encourage one another to keep going, the friends learn to see themselves—and their differences—in a whole new way.


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